At - combined session with Red Hat VP Denise Dumas

Just over 55 minutes, with my part starting at about 25 minutes. (Although of course I highly recommend listening to Denise as well!) The "crystal ball" part is particularly rushed, so if you're interested in where we're planning to go in 2016, when the talk gets to that part, you may want to just go to the "Director's Cut" below.

Special Extended Edition / Director's Cut (Part 1: 2015 Metrics)

(51 minutes!)

Download: OGV

Special Extended Edition / Director's Cut (Part 2: 2016 )

(Just over 24 minutes.)

Download: OGV

Bonus DVD-only Extras! (Q&A session with Fedora Leadership)

43 minutes or so. I think this is more interesting near the end than at the beginning.


For a closer look. I strongly encourage you to take the numbers in the context of the presentation (that is, watch the videos!), because this isn't one of those thinks where I just read bullet points off of the slides and the visual aids are not necessarily stand-alone.

Download: PDF | ODP


Thanks to and the Red Hatters in Brno for inviting me to present on this. Thanks to Brian Proffitt for doing the "director's cut" recordings with little advance notice. And thanks to all of the Fedora community for being awesome.

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