web gateway

Hey: I'm moving to Boston and (if all goes right) getting a job at BU. That means the web gateway is gonna be down for a while. Maybe a few weeks. But I promise not as long as it was last time it vanished. And, when it comes back, I'm planning to work on the Fancy Hypercool Interface version. In the meantime, the newsgroup should be accessible via your local ISP or school. If it isn't, complain. -- Matthew

Welcome to the web gateway.
If you can't read the newsgroup locally, this is the place to be.

Anyway, the gateway comes in three flavors:

Text Only

Normal Graphics
Lots of Graphics & JavaScript

You'll also want to check out the README
and of course the Poster Children's own web page.

Another (unrelated) nifty place to go is Quotes `R' Us.