Linux on the Sony Vaio PCG-U101

U101 pictures:

Okay, I finally got around to taking some pictures. Our cats, Mishka (the calico) and Red (the big grey one) found this procedure very intriguing, so currently this is a dual-purpose U101 and cat photo gallery. I'll get some more detailed U101 pictures and further size comparisions up here soon.

Each image is linked to a 800×600 version, except the keyboard close-up, which is 1600×1200 so you can see it in detail.

Here is Mishka investigating this strange new machine. "What operating system is that running?", she asks. Mishka checks out the U101
Having seen the Red Hat logo on the Gnome toolbar, she realizes that it is indeed Red Hat Linux. Cool, she thinks, I'll just mark this as mine before that other cat comes along Mishka loves the U101!
And here she is posed nicely with Tux and the U101. (Tux drank the OpenCola.) Tux, the U101, and Mishka
I figured some DVDs would provide a good size comparison, so I got out a few and started arranging. Mishka is unsure. Mishka, the U101, and a pile of DVDs.
So, here's the U101 in the midst of a stack of DVDs. You can see that it's actually a bit narrower (or shorter, depending on your perspective) than a normal DVD case, but obviously quite a bit thicker. It'd fit inside the Brazil boxed-set, though. U101 in a stack of DVDs
Same thing, plus cat. Having driven the much smaller Mishka away, Red lounges comfortably. He thinks he's king of the house. Red sits by DVD stack.
And here's the keyboard — the big version is about lifesize at 180dpi and significantly larger at typical screen resolution. U101 keyboard closeup
My friend Paul has a Sharp SL-C700 Zaurus — an even tinier computer which also runs Linux. Of course, the Zaurus isn't a full-featured PC, and it's a bit too tiny for me. U101 and Sharp Zaurus
Zaurus and U101, side view. Sorry, these pictures are a bit poor; I'll get some better ones up eventually. U101 and Sharp Zaurus, side view.
Zaurus and U101, top view. I think I'll also do a U101 vs. Zaurus pros and cons section. U101 and Sharp Zaurus, top view.
Look, it's a BeBox with a 600Mhz processor and built-in 802.11b! The U101 fits snuggly in the drive bay. But — kids! Don't try this at home! When I say snuggly, I mean it not in the fuzzy kitten sense but rather in the "pants a few sizes too small" one. In fact, this stunt caused quite a scratch down the hinge of the U101; oops. Luckily nothing a nice Linux sticker won't fix. BeBox drive bay with U101 inserted.
A close-up of the BeBox drive bay with U101 installed. Sorry these came out fuzzy, and after all that trouble. That's Paul's office in the picture above, by the way. Mine is quite a bit messier. BeBox close-up.
Of course, a computer this small is no good if it doesn't fit in your pocket. And it does, provided you have cargo pants. Thanks to Paul for modeling. U101 in pocket.