Slides for various Fedora talks.


State of Fedora 2020 slides (video soon) (Nest with Fedora virtual conference keynote)


State of Fedora, 2019 (Logic models, strategy, current events, and more)


State of Fedora, 2018 (Up from the fire!)

Fedora Charts, 2018 (From panel discussion)


State of Fedora, 2017 (Lighting Fedora on fire, in a good way!)


Kirk, McCoy, and Spock Build the Future of Fedora (An update of the logic model talk)

State of Fedora, 2016 (Flock update)

State of Fedora, 2016 (Includes exciting new contributor metrics)


Connecting Vision to Action in a Community Project (LinuxCon 2015; something different!)

Updated Ring Concept (An updated concept graphic from a talk that never happened.)

State of Fedora (Flock 2015; many updates from previous)

State of Fedora (FOSDEM; high-level overview)

State of Fedora, redux (; more contributor-focused) overview (SCALE 13x; overview + some lessons learned)


How Linux distros became boring (and Fedora's plan to put boring in its place) (LinuxCon NA, Chicago) at Flock 2014 (Prague, 2014.08.06) Update (DevConf, 2014.02.09)


Architecture for a More Agile Fedora (Flock, 2013.08.10)

Fedora Cloud (Flock, 2013.08.10) What is cloud computing? Why should we care? What are we doing about it?