Quick Download:

Hey look! It's been over twenty years, but I finally built a new version for Windows. (March, 2021; minor update October 2021). Get it here:

MS Windows: icebreaker-2.2.1.exe(970Kb)
Source code: icebreaker-2.2.1.tar.xz(133Kb)

Trouble downloading? Try right-clicking on the link and picking "Save Target As".

It's pretty likely that Windows and your anti-virus program are going to tell you to beware of this strange EXE file downloaded from the Internet. I haven't gone through the trouble of getting it signed by Microsoft, so you'll need to trust me (and jump through the various hoops) to actually install this.

I recognize that even though I'm sure it's harmless in this case, it's generally bad advice, so I may go through the process in the future.

For Linux:

IceBreaker will be included in Fedora Linux as of Fedora 34 in April 2021. You should be able to install it from GNOME Software, or run dnf install icebreaker from the command line.

It is also available in Debian, and therefore probably also Ubuntu and whatever. However, it might not be the newest version.


See the download page for other CPUs, other Linux distributions, other operating systems, SDL source, and some mindless chatter.