Download the 2.2 version now:

Version 2.2 of IceBreaker has many nice new fancy features -- most notably, the addition of themes support.

I would enjoy submissions for new themes. They're easy to create, and since they're so small, I don't see why we can't include dozens. Probably not hundreds, though, because I'd need to re-think the menu system.

Source packages:

Required Library Information:

You'll also need SDL and SDL_mixer, the basic multimedia libraries upon which IceBreaker is built. These are now part of the standard Red Hat Linux distribution; if you don't have them, you can grab 'em from a Red Hat mirror, or of course from the main SDL site.

The binary IceBreaker RPMs are linked against SDL-1.1.7 and SDL_mixer-1.1.0. If you have newer (2.2.x) lineage SDL, the game will work, but you'll have to rebuild the RPM or compile from the source. (As I mention below, this is easy.)

Fedora Linux:

This package is included in Fedora Linux starting with Fedora 34, which isn't quite out yet but will be soon. You should be able to search for and install it from the GNOME Software center, or run:

dnf install icebreaker

from the command line.

Other RPM-based distributions or architectures:

In most cases, you should be able to grab the source rpm and rebuild.

Alternately, you can download the source archive, untar it (with "tar xf icebreaker-2.2.1.tar.xz"), change to the resulting icebreaker-2.2.1 directory, and run "make rpm". This is convenient if you don't have your environment already set up to build RPMs as non-root.


IceBreaker is also part of Debian GNU/Linux. If you're running Debian, I imagine you probably know how to use apt-get to add packages, but you could also look at the debian package web page.

Microsoft Windows:

This was originally a Linux project, but Enrico Tassi has done a lot of great work so that it now cross-compiles nicely for win32. This means if you're somehow stuck with the OS everyone loves to hate, you'll still be able to enjoy the game. Download icebreaker-2.2.1.exe. This includes the SDL runtime, so you don't need to worry about getting that separately.

For Other Operating Systems:

There is also a BeOS version listed on BeBits, thanks to Eugenia Loli-Queru.

It apparently builds okay on Sun Solaris too.

And, IceBreaker is in the FreeBSD ports collection. Cool.

Anyone want to make a MacOS version? SDL and SDL_mixer, the required libraries, work on both OS X and earlier versions, so it should be quite easy to port. I'd love to have a compiled version to distribute here.

Building from the source tarball:

If a binary isn't available for your system, and you can't or don't want to use RPM or dpkg, you can build IceBreaker from source. I assume that if you want to do this, you know what you're doing. It's a pretty simple matter of make / make install. The Win32 build works using the mingw32 toolchain. You'll probably want to use gcc and GNU make if possible. In any case, you'll need the SDL libraries, which you can get from the SDL home (probably better) or from this site.